Editorial Team

Review Board

  1. Dr. Michael J. Cripps, University of New England, United States
  2. Riki Thompson, University of Washington Tacoma
  3. Brian Croxall, Digital Humanities Strategist and Lecturer of English Emory Center for Digital Scholarship Emory University
  4. Professor Jessie Daniels, CUNY School of Public Health at Hunter College and the Graduate Center, United States
  5. Dr. Rebecca Frost Davis, St. Edward's University, United States
  6. Dr. Stacey Lee Donohue, Central Oregon Community College, United States
  7. Amanda French, United States
  8. Katherine D Harris, San Jose State University
  9. Dr Hunter R Johnson, John Jay College, CUNY, United States
  10. nathan jurgenson, University of Maryland
  11. Dr. Lauren F. Klein, Georgia Institute of Technology, United States
  12. Aaron Liu-Rosenbaum, Université Laval, Canada
  13. Prof. Steven Lubar, Brown University, United States
  14. Jeffrey W. McClurken, University of Mary Washington
  15. Alycia Sellie, CUNY Graduate Center, United States
  16. Chris Alen Sula, United States