Vol 19, No 1 (2013)

Special Issue: Libraries, Information and the Right to the city: Proceedings of the 2013 LACUNY Institute

Table of Contents


Libraries, Information, and the Right of the City 2013 LACUNY Institute Introduction PDF
Jonathan Cope
Teaching and Learning Los Angeles through Engagement with UCLA Library Special Collections PDF
Kelly E Miller, Robert D. Montoya
Out of Information Poverty: Library Services for Urban Marginalized Immigrants PDF
Lan Shen
Rebuilding Post War Europe: New York and Digital Archives as Reconstitutive Fabric PDF
Anthony Cocciolo
Sustaining Scholarship: Librarians and the Political Economy of Print PDF
Emily Drabinski
Radical Cataloging: From words to action PDF
Heather Lember, Suzanne Lipkin, Richard Jung Lee
Digital Inclusion, Learning, and Access at the Public Library PDF
Melissa Morrone, Shanelle Witt
Radical Purpose: The Critical Reference Dialogue at a Progressive Urban College PDF
Kate Adler
Teaching the Skills to Question: A Credit-Course Approach to Critical Information Literacy PDF
Ian Beilin, Anne E Leonard
Libraries and the Right to the City: Insights from Democratic Theory Prepared for the 2013 LACUNY Institute: Libraries, Information, and the Right to the City PDF
John Buschman
White Screen/White Noise: Racism on the Internet PDF
Rebecca Martin, Heather McCann, Myrna E Morales, Stacie M. Williams
Library Research for the 99%: Reaching Out to the Occupy Wall Street Movement PDF
Darcy I. Gervasio, Angela Ecklund, Arieh Ress
Grinding the Gears: Academic Librarians and Civic Responsibility PDF
Lisa Sloniowski, Mita Williams, Patti Ryan
The value of community ethnography in public library crisis preparation PDF
Jessica Lingel

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