In our daily experience, the disappearance of time can happen at any given situation, as a sudden blow, or through a subtle hypnosis. Through image, poem and voice, Achronos (Ernesto Estrella / Nysos Vasilopoulos) presents ten cuts on the idea of timelessness, that go from the darkest and most risky zones to the warmest and most playful ones. The experience of being devoid of time is explored as a theft, a nostalgia, an entertaining indifference, a cynical spleen, a gift for boundless giving, or a doubt in our existence as temporal texture.

Achronos takes timelessness as a triggering factor that transforms our perception at various levels. The will to remain in that no-time place becomes a discovery in which we do not fully possess the tools and guides that normally aid our understanding. A different relation with the text emerges then, one that also comprises the alternation between image and poem. In this space where reading is devoid of its customary time and rhythmic pattern, the voice articulates a search. The time gap provokes a synesthesia effect in which the act of listening, observing and reading occur in a fragmentary and unexpected territory.

The reader/listener participates in the fragile and active awakening to an experience lacking one of the basic referential frames of our perception.

Achronos: an invitation to traverse the consequences of this subtraction.


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