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Dossier #3: Achronos. Ernesto Estrella + Nyssos Vasilopoulos

In our daily experience, the disappearance of time can happen at any given situation, as a sudden blow, or through a subtle hypnosis. Through image, poem and voice, Achronos (Ernesto Estrella / Nyssos Vasilopoulos) presents ten cuts on the idea of timelessness, that go from the darkest and most risky zones to the warmest and most playful ones. The experience of being devoid of time is explored as a theft, a nostalgia, an entertaining indifference, a cynical spleen, a gift for boundless giving, or a doubt in our existence as temporal texture.

Dossier #2: Perl Poetry

Perl (Practical Extraction and Report Language) is a programming language created by Larry Wall, which has its own poetry tradition.  In this issue of the Virtual Poetry Project, we showcase several poems written and/or inspired in/by Perl language, by Larry Wall, Sharon Hopkins Rauenzahn, Eric Andreychek and Graham Harwood.  Thanks to all the authors that kindly contributed the texts, and agreed to be included in this journal.


Árbol veloZ

Dossier #1: Árbol veloZ. Luis Bravo + veinte artistas uruguayos

CdRom multimedia en castellano, portugués e inglés. Libro en castellano (El libro en formato tradicional contiene 27 poemas. 80 páginas.)

Multimedia CdRom in English, Portugues and Spanish, and a book (traditional format book contains 27 poems, in Spanish. 80 pages).

Creado y producido por: Luis Bravo - Silvina Rusinek. All rights reserved.

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