Library Research for the 99%: Reaching Out to the Occupy Wall Street Movement

Darcy I. Gervasio, Angela Ecklund, Arieh Ress


This article describes how librarians from three different universities in the greater New York area came together through the myMETRO Researchers Project to reach out to Occupy Wall Street. Using social media and free online tools to partner with Occupy’s environmental subgroup, the authors overcame proprietary roadblocks, copyright challenges, and distrust/skepticism to discover the authentic information needs of activists and compile an annotated bibliography of scholarly research on the real-world impacts of climate change. This successful collaboration is an example of how institutions can be used as contact points through which individuals can affect change on society, and how librarians can partner with local community groups to combat information poverty and digital divides and promote open access and knowledge-sharing.


outreach; social activism; digital divide; open access; radical reference

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